hDownloadiSFP64, SFP64jh in left frame for download.

Caution: SFP64 for only 64 bit OS


If the OS of the PC is not Japanese, SFP32 and SFP64 display a letter in English.


It is the introduction of the program to perform 3D modeling and a three-dimensional measurement from a photograph. The camera to use for photography can use the camera of the cell-phone and a cheap digital camera of less than 10,000 yen. Besides, this program is usable immediately because troublesome calibration is an unnecessary. There is the person who has been already performed practical use of. Look at a user example.

The person in hope of joint development or continuation development please contact it by an email. .



The example which becomes three dimensions from a photograph.

If you input a correspondence point (blue point) on a photograph, this program calculates the three-dimensional coordinate of the correspondence point and makes three dimensions shape in a polygon and a curved surface.



The photograph which set a correspondence point


Three dimensions


Reading by CG software and the CAD.

This can output development from a polygon.

This can make a contour line. And CAD data (DXF,IGES) can output it.

Dimensions indication (I set a color to call yellow in green and display it)

Indication of the photography position






Another example